Bayonne Photography is a new service in the city of Bayonne, NJ.

We want to supply local business owners with high quality commercial images to bring more value and prosperity to the community!


About Us

In the summer of 2017 my wife and I were hunting for apartments and stumbled upon a listing in Bayonne, NJ. After missing exit 14A and circling Newark airport 4 times, in the rain, on a motorcycle, we finally arrived. This was our first and last apartment on our viewing list because we immediately fell in love with it. We spent the first week exploring the city and loved how quiet and clean it was, it also felt like we had stepped back into the 50s with that small town feel. We were welcomed by the local business owners and learned that back in the day – Bayonne was the place to be. Everything about Bayonne won our hearts: the locals, the mom & pop shops, Wal-mart, and how close it is to New York City. We are proud to call this our new home and will do whatever it takes to make this city prosper again.

We believe in Bayonne.

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